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How Much Control Did God Give Mankind?

How Much Control Did God Give Mankind?

  • Gen. 2: 8-9 - God caused the trees to grow in the Garden of Eden

  • Gen. 2:18-"then the LORD God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it."

God's Alternative Option:

1. Micromanage Option:

  • God could have had complete control over mankind's whereabouts like an oppressive tyrannical.

2. Outsourced Management Outsource:

  • God could have had angels manage the Garden.

3. Moses/Prophet Mediatorial Management:

  • God could have used Adam as a mediator as His will expresses His Kingly dictates as He did with Moses and Samuel the 'prophet.

4. Train + Stewardship option:

  • God could have picked out who would be His under managers over mankind and ruled Directly through those trained men.

5. Hands off Man Driven Option:

  • Set man in the Garden completely ignorant of anything, especially leadership and government to allow him to learn through trial and error and allow him to subjectively define how he will govern and lead his fellow man.

The 5th option is what God actually did, which is why there are people who are able to be atheists and Deists because God does not play an active and direct role in telling human governments what they ought to do in any way. His will is secret and manifests apart from our knowledge.

In Summary, God Set up a:

1. Minimal management approach

2 Human Self-Directed approach

3. Ignorance to wisdom Incremental Approach

4. Subjectively manifests Government theory that is managed by humans, not God

Tim is a Christian author. His worldview that informs his writing is Calvinist, Baptist, and Libertarian. His main series is his Christian picture book series, “About God for Kids”, where he discusses the attributes of God in a way kids can digest. He also wrote a Christian Romance novel, libertarian book for beginners, and Christian coloring books. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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