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Millennials and Socialism

Check out this Gallop poll on millennials, "57% of Democrats hold a favorable view toward socialism, while a record low for the same party now say they support capitalism."

My generation, the millennials, are drinking the Kool-Aid when it comes to socialism. We need to ban together as co-promoters of liberty and propagate the new up-and-coming generation and tell them of the historical woes and failures of socialism and communism. As I said, a chapter back, Republicans need to lay down their moral preference and superiority and come to the middle ground and reach out to the socialist without any sort of moral tension nor moral agitation. I'm not saying that you should stop believing what you believe I am just saying that in order to help all kinds of people from getting stuck in the lies of socialism we need to be more open to people that we disagree with.

We need to buy into, what we discussed in the earlier chapter of, peer to peer influence. Just passing a law is not going to change people's behavior. The only chance that we have for saving the millennials from buying into socialism ensuring this country, America, is to put down all of our biases and to speak the truth of the limitations and failures of socialism in a country.

We must warn millennials of the past tyrannies like, "Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and North Korea, (because these) ideas have never delivered equality, better lives, more opportunity, a sense of belonging, freedom or anything else that young people say they want." (

These young people want ideals, but the government can never give ideals. The government can only take away freedoms it cannot give freedoms. The bigger the government gets, the fewer freedoms there are left over for people to have, and such is the nature of more power is less freedom.

The writer at investors summarizes the threat well, "What is the greatest threat today to freedom and the U.S. way of life? It's not Nazism. Its socialism, its communism, its Marxism, all variants of the same disease. To the extent we embrace any of these false ideologies, we will suffer." And Mark J. Perry puts it like this, "It is the initial illusion of success that gives socialism it's pernicious, seductive appeal. But in the long run, socialism has an unbroken track record of being a formula for tyranny, poverty, and misery."

In a Socialist world, the first generation still has the last fruits of capitalism lingering temporally. Quickly the government begins to take over and ruin the economy though. The government is able to do this because it has no higher power over it (it has its own checks and balances through the different branches but they can only limit one another from a peer to peer standpoint, none of them is the authority over the other). It therefore can justify anything.

Just take a glance at history, the entity that has done the most damage to the largest group of people were governments overpowered by the seized power they took from the people. After taking the power from the people they attack those same people who gave up their power (willingly or unwillingly). Prime examples are German Nazism, Mao Zedong's dynasty, Joseph Stalin's USSR. This book is a pleading to young people like myself to learn from history. I don’t want to be a couple of decades down the road and we are raising kids and asking, how did we let this happen? Why didn't anyone tell us? We should have already known from school, but we are ignorant of what leads to men like this. The people were desperate and gave themselves over to the will of these men and they used it to abuse them. We can let any one person or group of people have the ability to do that to us. Liberty keeps the government in a box. They are like a goldfish in a small container. They cannot grow any bigger because they would succeed in the space. If we put the government in the ocean, the government will group to be a big whale that we can no longer control.

Tim Bankes II

Tim is a Christian author. His worldview that informs his writing is Calvinist, Baptist, and Libertarian. His main series is his Christian picture book series, "About God for Kids", where he discusses the attributes of God in a way kids can digest. He also wrote a Christian Romance novel, libertarian book for beginners, and Christian coloring books. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has written a book on freedom called “Are You Free” (If you are into listening to books I have it in audio also, Are You Free Audiobook )and he has written multiple children’s books about God. Be Sure to check out the podcast version of the blog, Labor for Truth Podcast. And check out “The Truth About” Youtube Channel. You can find his works at his amazon author page, He even has a free digital ebook on how God is the creator. Get your free copy today at, Greater Creator .Also If you are into Christian Fiction, he has made his first book in his Futuristic Christian Fiction series free, Her Dying Wish

Some of my other favorite books on these subjects that are great for beginners to the liberty movement are:

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