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“The origin of morality is the self: how people ought to act because they, themselves are human beings. The origin of political philosophy is others: the requirement to treat others justly because other people are human beings.”

Libertarianism is summed up as follows "you live your life and exercise your own freedom with respect for the freedom and rights of others. You behave as a libertarian.” Libertarianism is respect for people's ability to do what they would like to do. The notion of certain beliefs, thoughts, and actions as immoral and should be regulated by the government is not a libertarian thought. Libertarianism is not the lack of conviction, but a belief that each person should be able to act on a conviction. The right of the individual is the only real right. Political parties or large groups shouldn't be able to get their views in government and pressed on all of the individuals of society. The reminder should always be in the hand that liberty is at the core of Libertarianism, and is foundational to what makes America great as long as it does not violate the body or property of another. No regard is necessary for those who feel ‘offended'.

Normally the organization that is most able to violate the sanctity of personal conviction, is the government because the government has no higher governing power over itself. The government is the one business with no oversight other than its own inner checks and balances of the three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. The problem with this is that it is susceptible to manipulation. Either the branch is too big, leading to bureaucratic stagnation; or the branch is too small, which creates a variable of instability.

Tim Bankes II

Tim is a Christian author. His worldview that informs his writing is Calvinist, Baptist, and Libertarian. His main series is his Christian picture book series, "About God for Kids", where he discusses the attributes of God in a way kids can digest. He also wrote a Christian Romance novel, libertarian book for beginners, and Christian coloring books. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has written a book on freedom called “Are You Free” (If you are into listening to books I have it in audio also, Are You Free Audiobook )and he has written multiple children’s books about God. Be Sure to check out the podcast version of the blog, Labor for Truth Podcast. And check out “The Truth About” Youtube Channel. You can find his works at his amazon author page, He even has a free digital ebook on how God is the creator. Get your free copy today at, Greater Creator .Also If you are into Christian Fiction, he has made his first book in his Futuristic Christian Fiction series free, Her Dying Wish

Some of my other favorite books on these subjects that are great for beginners to the liberty movement are:

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