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Two principles of Libertarianism

Libertarianism at its core can be defined by two major principles. Libertarianism only allows for legislation to be passed that protects the citizen's property and body of any country. What I mean by protecting is that those who actually are tasked with serving mankind are those that their job description falls in line with one of these two things. This would mainly include policemen, firemen, and paramedics. (Some libertarians argue that these jobs could be privatized) Consider that Doctors are paid privately through insurance companies that are mainly funded by the free market. They provide a service to protect people's bodies from harm but they are paid privately. People are willing to pay for the things they see as necessary. Most Libertarians agree that the rest of society will be privatized, outside of those two jobs that serve protection. This includes courtroom jobs, sewage department, parks and recreation department, libraries, public schools, etc. I know what the average person thinks, how will society function if those things go private? Well, the things that people see as necessary, they will be willing to pay for. People are already paying for these services through taxation, so the government would not tax them for these things and they would use said money for these services.

The misunderstanding about these services is that people think they are free because they are not charged a recurring payment for the services in order to gain membership or continue to use the services. However, they are paying for them, and against their will at that.

What I mean by against their will is that the government requires people in society to pay for libraries through taxation even if they don't want the libraries or use them. If people do not pay the government taxes, they are treated like criminals and will be forced to pay for what the government deems necessary.

If libertarianism reigned in America then people would vote for the library by purchasing a membership or not. The libraries now function no matter how slow they get. They do not function as a normal business, they are kept afloat by tax funds, these government organizations should be subject to the free market. In a subscription-based business, they will be purged of bad ideas or outdated ideas. If perceived us unworthy of continuing they will be put out of business and replaced. The winner is the patron who gets the best quality experience.

Tim Bankes II

Tim is a Christian author. His worldview that informs his writing is Calvinist, Baptist, and Libertarian. His main series is his Christian picture book series, "About God for Kids", where he discusses the attributes of God in a way kids can digest. He also wrote a Christian Romance novel, libertarian book for beginners, and Christian coloring books. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has written a book on freedom called “Are You Free” (If you are into listening to books I have it in audio also, Are You Free Audiobook )and he has written multiple children’s books about God. Be Sure to check out the podcast version of the blog, Labor for Truth Podcast. And check out “The Truth About” Youtube Channel. You can find his works at his amazon author page, He even has a free digital ebook on how God is the creator. Get your free copy today at, Greater Creator .Also If you are into Christian Fiction, he has made his first book in his Futuristic Christian Fiction series free, Her Dying Wish

Some of my other favorite books on these subjects that are great for beginners to the liberty movement are:

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