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What is a Country's Greatest Asset?

What is a Country's Greatest Asset?

What are potential answers to the question of what is a country’s greatest asset?

A. Government

B. Raw Resources (Oil/Natural Gas)

C. A Country’s Institutions

D. Human Capital (Citizens Productivity)

The average productivity of a people, GDP divided by the total amount of hours worked in a given nation within the market is the main difference between countries. In other words the U.S. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) at $20 trillion annual GDP is 20 times more productive than 90% of other countries in the world that produce less than $1 Trillion GDP.


Even in America's Past, in 1850, in particular, 80% of Americans were required to work in agriculture to produce enough food to feed our country. The population of America in 1850 was only 23 million.



Only 3% of Americans are in Agriculture. Thus, we are twenty-six times more productive agriculturally than our former Americans 172 years ago.

The Population of America in 2022-331 million

This came about through tech advances, innovation, and new farming methods.

In summary, You are the Greatest Asset + Your fellow Productive man! Those of us that get up every day and run a business, become more educated, manage others' production, and those that do the ground level work ourselves. Since you live in the richest, most productive country in the world, you are among the most valued persons in human history thus far!

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