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Why the Bible and Evolution do not go together


The popularity of one’s conservative Christians turning to the Darkside and joining the theistic evolution asked position is all too common, well at least among many of my millennial peers. I want to arm you with the most fundamental conflict with someone holding to Macroevolution and the divine inspiration, namely, it rejects the historical Adam.

My backstory

As a teenager, I grew away from my childhood heritage of faith. I do not have a solid worldview built for Christianity, nor did I have any sort of apologetic to defend my house of faith from attack. So when a decent answer of the origin of the world was proposed to me by one of my middle school teachers, I swallowed it whole. I did not necessarily know that I had changed views. At the time, I did not realize that biblical Christianity and macroevolution were at odds.

Humans created through Death

If you aren’t familiar with the theory, let me explain it to catch you up. The theory of macroevolution assumes that complex life started out as bacteria, a.k.a. very small. Over millions of years, they evolved into the fish of the sea. After millions more years, they evolved into land walking creatures and eventually evolved to the point of our predecessors, the monkeys. Eventually, we emerge as supreme creations of evolution, for now.

Now let's do a quick summary of the two original humans, according to the Bible. Like macroevolution, all the rest of the universe is created before man. First, appointments and stars, second, water and land, third, the swimming and calling things, and lastly, God creates man and the land creatures. In the early stage of humanity, animals did not attack and kill other animals. God provided vegetables and fruit that contained eternal life in them once Adam and Eve disobeyed God, it says they died or at least for a sentence to death because sin and rebellion had entered the world through their disobedient act.

Death, death, death

So here’s the rub. Evolution needs death to bring about any progression. There is actually never a time where death does not exist in its theory. This contradicts the biblical narrative of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve could have never sinned and been in the Garden forever (in theory, if that was God’s divine plan for humanity).

Macroevolution needs death to get to humanity. In the evolution airy theory, the reason the species E ball is because the weak eventually die off because their set of traits are not ideal for survivability. Biblical Creationism has no need for death and could have gone without it forever if they had made the right choices. God creates each thing separately Himself. They do not roll into each other by chance of evolving. In the biblical narrative, there is either no time or not much time between all the animals if the sea and land exist simultaneously. In theory, God could have never made germs and never made sea creatures. Land creatures and humans don’t need sea creatures.

In the biblical creation account, God sustained his creatures and only brought in sin because moral creatures, humans, choose to rebel by the deception of the serpent. In theory, God could have never made mankind and just stopped with all the land creatures and just enjoyed them. They would have never died or been able to die because there were no moral agents to cause sin and, therefore, death to enter the world. They would have just existed in the Garden without the capacity to be kicked out.


You can’t hold to the biblical account of Adam in the Garden and be a theistic evolutionist. That means you also can’t say the Bible is inerrant and be a Biblical evolutionist. Thus, by believing in theistic evolution, you are putting modern scientific discovery as a more reliable and higher authority than scripture.


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